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Specializing in Residential Plumbing Services, Repiping Services and Water Heater Services.


At Trent Plumbing Inc., we understand that most people ignore their plumbing until it is broken. And who can blame them? Dealing with a clogged toilet is unpleasant enough, although quite manageable, but what about broken pipes, cracked fixtures, and burned out pumps? Simply put, when using the plunger is not enough, most homeowners and business owners in Lakefield, Burleigh Falls and Stony Lake choose to rely on trusted professional plumbing services like Trent Plumbing to dig deeper into the pipes and find and fix the problem. 


Fixing leaks and unclogging pipes is only a small, albeit important part of the plumbing services we provide. Our skilled plumbers have decades of experience and the knowledge necessary to see all of your plumbing projects through to a successful, cost effective completion. At Trent Plumbing Inc, we pride ourselves in offering quick, efficient, friendly and reliable service to all our customers. 


Trent Plumbing offers a wide range products, installations, maintenance and repair services.

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