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There are a number of simple plumbing tips that can help you maintain any plumbing system, be it a commercial or residential plumbing system, that can help prevent emergency plumbing needs or costly after hour visits. It's not that we don't want to make money here at Trent Plumbing, we like profit as much as the next plumbing contractor, but we care about our customers. There's plenty of plumbing work to be had under the best of circumstances. We feel that if you take advantage of some of our experience and heed these simple tips, you'll thank us with your continued business, and long relationships is what Trent Plumbing is all about.


So here are some simple tips that can help your plumbing operate at its maximum proficiency, and that can also save you some money! 


  1. Heed the weather- Extreme temperatures can do serious damage to plumbing and to heating and air conditioning units. So if you see that the weather is going to be extremely hot or below freezing, make sure you prepare for it. Make sure pipes are insulated. Simple foam installation will usually suffice. For outdoor or exposed plumbing you cannot insulate, leave a trickle of water on so the pipes don't freeze. It's better to spend a few dollars on water than it is to replace burst pipes. Make sure drainage is clear on A/C units and try and give them a break at night when you can. 

  2. Change filters- Any plumbing system or heating system that utilizes a filter does so for a reason, it needs to catch debris so that it can breath and flow and function properly. But be it a heater unit or an A/C unit or a pool filtering system, filters get clogged, which provides the same result as if there were no filtering system in the first place, the unit becomes clogged and cannot function properly. This can result in severe damage. Routine cleaning and changing of filters not only lengthens the life of any pluming machine, it saves money. 

  3. Clear drains- Be it a simple kitchen drain or an extremely important storm drain, keeping the drains clean can prevent costly plumbing problems. Drains are designed to allow water to flow but to keep debris from entering the pipes. Storm drains, for example, drain excess rain water, potentially damaging to the structure of your home or to your landscaping, away from your house, but they can't do so if they are blocked. Make sure your drains are clear and free of debris so they can do their job. 


We hope these tips help you to keep us from visiting too often. It's not that we don't want to see you, we always do, we just don't want to see you throw good money down the drain. 

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